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"Crony Capitalism, Big Pharma and Vaccines"

Senator Ron Johnson and a Panel of experts at The American Conservative

The American Conservative (TAC at Hillsdale College in DC) recently hosted a panel discussion featuring Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Peter McCullough on “Crony Capitalism, Big Pharma and Vaccines.

The video above is the introductory speech given by Senator Ron Johnson. It is an excellent summary of what has happened over the past two years. His talk details the abject failures of our government. It is a must see.

For the full 1.5 hour discussion, the link is here.

Crony Capitalism: Big Pharma & Vaccines

A most disturbing (but typical..) event was relayed to the audience in the opening remarks. TAC previously used EventBrite for registering attendees, as they always have for their events. EventBrite is an event hosting platform. Within a short time after initially setting up the event, Eventbrite CANCELLED the signup link and told The American Conservative that they would not register attendees, as the event went against their “community standards” for misinformation.

So, a sitting U.S. Senator holds a panel discussion on Crony Capitalism and for that “crime,” the major event registration company in the USA cancels the ability of the host to register participants.

Reviewing the Eventbrite community standards page does not reveal any reason why this event should have been removed - unless the Eventbrite organizers decided PRIOR to the event, that misinformation would be discussed. Eventbrite’s factcheckers must have realized that this would be a pre-meditated thought crime and called in the thought crime police in advance. Either that, or they don’t like the politics of The American Conservative or Senator Ron Johnson, and discriminated against them based purely on political ideology.

Whatever the reason, it is more evidence that our government, and/or ESG scoring systems and/or discriminatory practices, and/or just plain old cancel culture (another word for censorship) is ratcheting up its control over all of us. The US is moving ever faster towards a completely totalitarian regime.

Just think about it: Eventbrite tried to stop an event featuring a sitting U.S. senator - because the threat of what he and the panel might say is too large of a risk. This is Orwellian in the extreme sense of the word. In fact, the movie Minority Report comes to mind. Remember Minority Report?:

Please note - that I won’t be using Eventbrite for anything that I am involved hosting! A quick search of Brave showed there are alternatives, let’s all use them and not support companies that censor or worse!

Anyway, Senator Johnson gave a super introductory talk. It was so good that I have also transcribed that video, and have provided that transcription below.

Senator Johnson’s Transcript:

Will Tebow:                  Welcome to Crony Capitalism, hosted by the American Conservative and our generous physical hosts Hillsdale College. To kick things off, please join me in welcoming the American Conservative's executive director, Emile Doak. Give him a round of applause.

Emile Doak:                  Well, thank you, Will. And thank all of you for joining us here today. Our mission at the American Conservative is to advance what we call a main street vision for conservatism, and we advance that mission through our print magazine... Hopefully all of you have had a chance to take one of those home. I think I see some on the chairs here. Our website, we've launched new website, and conferences and events like you're attending here, or watching on the live stream today. This is our sixth annual Crony Capitalism conference. And as you can imagine by the fact that it's the sixth annual conference, we have have long been concerned about collusion between big government and big business. We've been hardly alone on that in this town. Cronyism has been a hot topic here for many years, and we've been proud to partner with many from across the broad right of center spectrum on issues like the tax code, big tech, the defense industry, and more recently on cronyism in healthcare.

                                    We've hosted conferences in recent years on how big pharma drives the opioid epidemic, cronyism's role in rising healthcare costs, and just last year we took on COVID, looking at cronyism's role in the paycheck protection program. All of those events were important, all of them brought to light pervasive problems going on in our economy, and all of those event listings took place on Eventbrite, the event hosting platform. If you're in person here in Washington, you know that you did not register for this event on Eventbrite, because just after we published our event, San Francisco-based Eventbrite notified us that this event violated their community guidelines, which do not support events that promote potentially harmful misinformation. So our event was removed from that site, and all of you registered by emailing us here at the American Conservative, we are very grateful that we are still able to host this event.

                                    Now, of course on our program today we have a sitting US senator, as well as three expert medical doctors speaking. But of course this type of censorship came as no surprise to our speakers who have experienced their own share of big tech censorship for their courage to question the COVID response. We're still here. We're live streaming on YouTube for now. If you're watching us on YouTube, you might want to switch over to Rumble. We are also live streaming on Rumble. You can find us there. So I think in some way we should thank Eventbrite, because their big tech censorship of those who dare to question the narrative surrounding the COVID vaccine response is exactly why this conversation today is so necessary. For two years now, we've been told that everyone must get one of three COVID vaccines that just so happened to be produced by three big pharmaceutical companies, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna. Government sprang into action, restricting access to restaurants and public spaces to only those who could show their papers.

                                    And then once everyone had gotten the jab, we were told that we needed yet another shot. Any scientific inquiry that might have called in to question these shots effectiveness, or looked in the effectiveness of alternatives like Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine was effectively squashed, labeled misinformation and canceled. So today we're going to look into why that has happened. We'll take a close look at big pharma's role in the vaccine push, and we'll try to path forward for legitimate scientific inquiry. We have an excellent lineup to do just that. Before we get to our first speaker today, I do want to thank those who made today's event possible, starting with Hillsdale College. We're here at their beautiful Kirby Center. We're very thankful to them for allowing us to have this event here at the Kirby Center, and especially Emma Eisenman who made this event possible, as well as Steve Christensen, the FLCCC, the staff of the American Conservative who planned and coordinated this event, especially Will Tebow, and also C. Boyden Gray.

                                    So now to our first speaker, Senator Ron Johnson. Senator Johnson was elected to the US Senate in 2010. It was his first ever political race in which he beat a three term incumbent. He served as the chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee from 2015 to 2021, and is now the ranking member for the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. He also serves on the budget, foreign relations and commerce, science and transportation committees, and I'm especially grateful to Senator Johnson for being a leader on the issue of COVID vaccines, a fearless and persistent voice for a second opinion on the COVID narrative, hosting multiple discussions on that topic on Capitol Hill. Senator Johnson lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with his family and is running for reelection this fall. Please join me in welcoming Senator Ron Johnson.

Sen Ron Johnson:          Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, thank you, Emil. I'd like to thank the American Conservative, Hillsdale College, and thanks for coming. Appreciate the audience. Now, the American Conservative has very generously given me 20 minutes, which I don't think I'm going to take. I could, I got all the notes, but having talked to the doctors beforehand, I think I'd rather get to the discussion sooner rather than later, but let me just make a few points on the outset. I don't see how anybody can take a look at the global response, and in particular, the United States response to this pandemic, to COVID, and call it a success. It was a miserable failure, even by their own data, the little data that they actually provide the American public. According to Johns Hopkins, we've suffered over a million deaths in the US, 6.4 million globally.

                                    Now, just quick do the math on that in terms of the US reaction, we're 4% of the world's population, we have 16,5% of global deaths. You don't hear that on the news media very often, do you? So that's the death toll? What about the human toll of the economic devastation from the shutdowns, the overdoses, the trillions of dollars that we have further mortgaged our children's future with? And speaking of children, look at what we did to our children. I think the science is... The science, Mr. Fauci. I think the science is pretty solid that the masks didn't work. They never were going to. Now, maybe marginally, a couple percentages, but I'll tell you one group of individuals we knew upfront masks would never work on, children. Have you ever seen kids wear masks on their chins? And yet today we have school systems about ready to open up and probably going to impose masking our children, because the pandemic isn't over.

                                    Think about that. So what I intend to do is kind of go through a timeline. There's just too many things. So let me try and summarize the timeline to just remind you all of what we've gone through, because the COVID cartel... And let me define the cover cartel for you. It is the Biden administration, it's the federal health agencies, it's big pharma, it's the legacy corporate mainstream media, and it's the big tech social media giants. That is the COVID cartel. They're the ones that have sabotaged early treatment. They're the ones that have done the censoring that have limited freedom of speech.

                                    They are the ones, because of that censorship, because of that sabotage, I would hold largely responsible for the deaths of... What do you say, doctors? How many hundreds of thousands of Americans that died because of lack of early treatment? So the problem we have with the COVID cartel is, at this point with the body count that high, they can't afford to be proven wrong, but here's the point, they have the power to make it almost impossible to prove them wrong. You go back to 2020, the first start of this, [inaudible 00:09:49] Dr. Malone, I think he's certainly convinced that the moon suits was just one massive propaganda ploy on the part of the Chinese government, but it sure was effective, sure scared every American, including myself.

                                    But you go through the early days of the pandemic, there was a legitimate reason to be concerned. There was so much we didn't know. By the way, there's so much we still don't know. There's things that we should know, but the government's not even collecting the data, because they don't want to know, they don't want to be proven wrong. But you just kind of go through the timeline and you see how, for example, hydroxychloroquine was sabotaged by people like Dr. Bright, by the news media. You take a look at how the voices were silenced. I mean, I'll just remember early on watching these videos coming in from doctors... And Dr. Kory is one of the courageous ones who went to New York, front lines, try and save people. I mean, the courage and compassion to treat COVID patients, unlike Ashish Jha, our current COVID czar, but these doctors working 12, 14, 16 hour shifts, coming home, and then into a video describing their experience and saying, this isn't what everybody's saying it is.

                                    What was the reaction of the COVID cartel? They pulled down the videos. I remember Dr. Dan Erickson out in California and how he was pilloried, how he was vilified. Now, actually I have to apologize to you guys for giving you that platform and destroying your lives.

(Doctor Pierre Kory - from the panel):                    Thanks, Ron!

Sen Ron Johnson:          I mean, I'm 67 years old, as long as I've been alive, I've always been told, if you have a serious medical condition... Because let's face it, no doctor has perfect information. They don't have all the answers. What have we always been told? And boy, if something's... Go get second opinion, maybe even a third opinion. That has not been allowed, and people lost their lives because it wasn't allowed. Let me just quick put a slide up here.

                                    I remember a very early meeting I had with Francis Collins. This was after the vaccines have already been authorized. And I actually believed the CDC when they had a little teleconference saying they're going to really take their safety surveillance systems very serious, the VAERS system, all these systems they had, they were going to be watching. If there was an adverse event that cost somebody even two days of lost work, there was a CDC representative going to be on the phone, digging into what had caused that adverse event. It was all BS, because on April 27th with their other Republican colleagues, who I will say were petting themselves on the back for everything they'd done, testing, Operation Warp Speed. I was the skunk in the room asking Dr. Collins, "Sir, have you been watching the VAERS report?"

                                    At this point, there are about 3000 deaths reported in the VAERS. I remember the number 1,230... These are worldwide. 1,230 had occurred on day zero, one or two. And at that point, the only desks that any governing agencies had admitted were associated with the vaccine were the six deaths of child age bearing women associated with the J&J vaccine. That's it. And so when I raised this issue, "Are you concerned about this data?" That was his response. "Well, we only have evidence that only six people have died." "So what do you say about these 3000?"

                                    His answer was as arrogant as it was glib. He said, "Well, Senator, people die." Now, this isn't the chart. Give me the next chart, or the first chart. So this just happens to be the chart I started issuing weekly with weekly updates. This is the one that's probably... At least in my experience. And we've all had our experience with censorship. This is the one that gets repeatedly censored. When radio talk show hosts put it up on their site, they get censored, they get de-platformed, but it's their data. I didn't make this stuff up. What I did is, I organized it in a way that they don't like to see. So here's the current VAERS data, worldwide deaths, COVID vaccine, 29,790 deaths. Of those deaths, by the way, it's over 8,000 that have occurred on day zero, one or two following vaccination. Now, I know the VAERS doesn't prove causation. And by the way, the other complaint, the other deficiency of the VAERS is, it generally dramatically understates number of adverse events.

                                    But that 8,000, that's still 27% of these deaths occurred on day zero, one or two. I mean, it concerns me. It does concern me. It still doesn't concern the CDC. But what they hated about this chart are the drugs they (the CDC) sabotaged - that these heroic doctors utilized to save lives. Remember Ivermectin? Come on y'all. You're not a cow. You're not a horse. Hydroxychloroquine was the subject of a fraudulent study, published in the Lancet with fraudulent data from Surgisphere. They don't like seeing the fact that, in comparison, the COVID vaccines, these things look pretty safe. Ivermectin, 16 deaths per year on average, hydroxychloroquine, 72, flu vaccine, 77, Remdesivir, up to 1800 deaths with Remdesivir on the VAERS system.

                                    Now, I remember in those hearings, the first one in November when we had Dr. McCullough and Dr. Rich and Dr. Fried, then later on with the Dr. Kory and others, I kept asking the question, why not give it a shot? Now, I'm the champion of right to try. And by the way, that's basically what we're doing with the vaccines right now. They're not fully approved. Another bait and switch for which the agencies are not answering my question, what did you do on August 23rd? You approved a drug that's not available. You say it's legally distinct, but interchangeable, but they extend the EUA on the drug that is available. Would you just explain it? It confuses me. It's confusing all kinds of people. They won't answer the question.

                                    And I have had so many questions. The American public should have so many questions. And the American public deserve answers. For example, one of my oversight letters at the end of December, there's a group using VAERS, research scientists notice there's an enormous variation lot-to-lot in terms of number of adverse events. Let me give you the quick data on that. Over 30 years, the largest number of adverse events per lot for a flu vaccine totaled at 137. In one lot of the COVID vaccine, there was 5,297 adverse events. There were 186 lots that had over 1,000 adverse events. 80% of the adverse events occurred within 1% of the lots. Now, I come from manufacturing, that is proof that either the manufacturing process or the distribution process is not in control.

                                    I wrote a letter to the FDA. You think I've gotten any response? Of course not. One of my more recent letters... I think this is a Children Health Defense under FOI request, was asking for the analysis on VAERS, their standing operating procedures, where's the analysis for that? The CDC writes back, we (the CDC) didn't do them (the analysis). And yet... I think it's either a member of the CDC or FDA then publicly stated, “oh no, we did the analysis.” Well, which is it? So I write to the agencies, you think I get a response? Of course not. So I've rambled on long enough. I really want to get to the doctors here, but what I want to suss out of these doctors is, first, complete to a certain extent what we weren't able to complete in my January 24th of this year event, COVID-19: A Second Opinion.

                                    By the way, we structure that around Dr. McCullough's four pillars to address the pandemic,

  • try and limit the spread,

  • early home treatment,

  • hospital treatment, and then

  • vaccines.

We just never... I mean, we ran out of time. We barely scratched the surface. Never got to vaccine. So I want to talk about what we know about the vaccines that the media, the COVID cartel is not conveying to the American public. The American public is not fully informed as they're making these decisions. Then I do want to try and move on to what's happened. I mean, why is this information being withheld? What are the forces at play? And then finally, I really want to get into what information do we need. I'll just throw one out there. We've now heard of SADS, right? Everybody knew a SIDS, now we got SADS. I'd never heard of that. When all of a sudden it started being talked about in the news media, been suppressed really for months, these young people just dying on sporting fields, whatever, but now all of a sudden they got a term for it.

                                    I'm reading the reports, and as always in the reports they go, medical experts are completely baffled. What could possibly be happening? They're saying, started in the year 2021. I mean, are you kidding me? I mean, did not one of those medical experts go, did something change? I mean, did we do something a little bit different in our healthcare system in the year 2021 that just maybe ought to be explored as a possible cause of sudden adult death syndrome? But of course they haven't looked at that, and I've heard so many examples of people... And this is why I'm doing this. The vaccine injured who can't get treatment, because it won't even be acknowledged that the injuries might have been caused by the vaccine.

                                    We need that acknowledgement. These people need to be seen and heard and believed, and they deserve treatment, they deserve to be healed. That's why we're here. We are trying to help people. We're trying to prevent further harm. So again, I'll shut up now and really kind of turn it over to who I consider the heroes of the pandemic. We only have three of them here. There is a larger group. Nowhere near is large enough though. So I just want to say thank you. God bless all of you. And I'll turn it back over to Emile.

Senator Johnson needs all the help he can get being re-elected this fall. He is a true truth warrior! His website, with a place to donate to his campaign is linked here.

A BIG thanks to The American Conservative for allowing me to use their video.

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