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Friday Funnies:

I don't always ruin things, but when I do....

A note about the above video, “The World’s Most Interesting Doctor” produced by Mikki Willis of Plandemic fame. There are a number of ways to share this video “solo” (without the Substack), the most effective is probably via my rumble account here or Mikki’s account here.

There is also a copy on youtube- for those that want to try to share that - on twitter or facebook for instance. This one should pass through the censors.

We all got a kick out of making this, and more like this are in the making! BTW - the “fine wine” is “Two Buck Chuck” from Trader Joes, and to visit that particular “bar”, you are going to have to find Mikki’s basement. The script was written by JP Sears. High-end movie making, at its finest!

Yeh- I’m repeating myself. Thanks, Mikki and crew. You are brilliant Truth Warriors!

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