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ICS at the EU Parliament Summary:

Dr. Malone's summary video and transcript

Yesterday, the third International COVID Summit was held at the European Parliament. As noted by the European Parliament Members in attendance, this was an historic event. The summit lasted all day, with many fantastic speakers. It was live streamed and recordings of the many speakers will be made available soon. The ICS summit covered all aspects of the pandemic, as well as the documentation of the increasing power grab by the World Health Organization to control public health and increased control by organized globalized entities throughout the world .

At the end of the day, I was asked to give a summary of the day’s highlights. This was no small task - but I gave it my best shot. Please pardon my “ums,” I was stumbling over the many new names and concepts that I had to quickly collate in my own mind on short notice.

As an organizing member (and I suppose co-founder) of the International COVID summit, I have been amazed at how these events have come together. This particular summit has been a huge success.

Today, a press conference was held with the members of EU Parliament who helped organize this event, myself and Dr. Byram Bridle. There was much excitement about the high quality, primary data shared at the meeting and the need for the media to participate more actively in disseminating the important work of these scientists. People at the Parliament, including MEPs are enthusiastic about an ICS book of the presentations presented at the EU Parliament be published soon.

At that press conference, it was announced by Romanian officials that they wish for an International COVID summit to be held in Romania in September of this year. Another European nation, which I am not privy to name yet, has also expressed a strong interest in having a summit in their country’s legislative body as well. This is real progress!

Last week, I put out a call for donations and so many of readers responded. We raised just about $10,000.00, which helped pay for the event venue on May 1st. This day was a closed session of about 100 doctors and scientists, who were able to discuss their findings in detail and strategize in this confidential forum. It also helped pay for a media event and open public sessions, which are being held today.

Transcript of the International COVID Summit Summary Statement

Dr. Robert W. Malone

Four members of the European Parliament (EP) have basically given rise to this growing momentum here in the European Parliament of willingness to recognize the truths that have occurred despite all of the propaganda, censorship, defamation, and other malicious activities that have been deployed on them and so many others across the world.

 The two members that initially spoke, Mr. Christian Terhes (Romania) and Mr. Ivan Sincic (Croatia) emphasized that we should allow scientists to speak, and that this pandemic of the COVID narrative has finally collapsed. And with this conference, they had hoped, and I think we have succeeded, in demonstrating the failures of that approved narrative. That being the truth that has been revealed over the last three years thanks to these many researchers and all of those that work with them to provide this information for us.

Dr. David Martin (United States) discussed that he had warned the European Parliament years ago about the risks of allowing the licensure or the patenting of genetic organisms and the proceeding of gain of function research. He had anticipated many years ago and warned the parliament about the risks that might incur if we allowed these policies, and then documented extensively how humanity has been hijacked, morality has been hijacked, science has been hijacked, nature has been hijacked, all in the service of a universal vaccine template with a presumed hundred percent protection. He called out that this must be reversed, that we must have in the future, 100% product liability for those that wish to impose these or other new technologies on the populations of the world.

Nick Hudson (South Africa) from PANDATA (Panda), who I have known personally and who has worked very, very hard with his group (always been willing to challenge the dominant narrative) shared with us that we really have had false narratives dominating world discussion and press for these last three years. That false narratives included that these were deadly viruses, that there was no preexisting immunity, that this was a novel virus, that everyone was susceptible to this disease, that we had asymptomatic transmission, that the lockdown saved lives, that the mask mandates reduced transmission. Every one of these things was a lie, and yet they were repeatedly propagandized and distributed throughout the world in a harmonized fashion that I think has left all of us in awe.

If nothing else, we must give credit to those who have deployed this propaganda. I think it is one of the most amazing demonstrations of modern PSYOPs and propaganda, as was well demonstrated during the various presentations. Dr. Ciro Isidoro (Italy) demonstrated that this is not really a novel disease, it's an old disease, and emphasized that you can't find the cause of death if you do not do autopsies. You can't save COVID patients with paracetamol and watchful waiting. He also presented a lesson that was repeatedly emphasized throughout the conference: Spike is a toxin. This is something that I was roundly attacked for saying over two years ago, and I'm very reassured to see that this is now universally accepted, at least within our community.

Dr. Giovanni Meledandri (Italy) demonstrated and spoke about the evolution of coronavirus, which demonstrates a pattern of disease attenuation, and as many had predicted that what we have seen during this outbreak is absolutely the selection of vaccine resistant mutants.  Although we have seen the rise in infectivity with the latest Arcturus variant, the infections are ocular. As has been the case with viral outbreaks throughout history, we've seen the increasing attenuation of the virus and its reduction in pathogenicity now to the point where we really just have something akin to a normal circulating respiratory virus, the likes of which we have seen throughout all of our lives as physicians and as general members of the patient population.

Dr. Stramezzi (Italy) emphasized the importance of early responses in Italy, and most importantly that it was known in June of 2020 that COVID was a treatable disease. Despite the various efforts from throughout the world, in particular the Italian authorities, to suppress that information and to encourage the narrative that this was a novel disease that was highly pathogenic, that required sophisticated novel treatments, Dr. Stramezzi gave us a great lesson in the ability of a well-trained physician to obtain and derive and demonstrate the ability to treat a respiratory virus with existing agents. This is a theme that has been echoed throughout this conference and throughout the world, starting with the original International COVID Summit, which pioneered bringing together physicians from all over the world to demonstrate in particular and discuss and share with each other best practices in early treatment.

And as I think that this whole series of International COVID summits, I just want to give a shout-out to the two organizers that always wish to remain anonymous, Lilly (Canada) and Rob (Italy), who are not medical professionals. They're brave, committed individuals who felt the call to duty and stood up at a time when everyone else was afraid and said, "We are going to get these conferences started and run and operated." They have encountered repeated obstacles throughout the history of the International COVID Summit and have overcome every single one. I can't tell you how many times we thought this particular conference was going to come to naught. And yet here we are, I think with one of the most successful ICS conferences to date.

Moving on, Dr. Luis Fouche (France) gave us a great essay on the effects of mandates, early treatment, and he particularly focused on masks and associated data. He explained that there's no utility for masks for preventing Coronavirus infection, which I know will shock most of you (sarcasm). As early as March 2020, the evidence existed that masks could cause harm, that the CDC evidence for mask use is not existent or weak, that masks do not work in schools – as shown by studies in the European Union, that the data are quite clear, that the lockdowns in the European Union increased the speed of transmission by 50% relative to Sweden. That's shocking to me. Lockdowns must be avoided and mask use in children absolutely must be avoided going forward for these types of respiratory diseases. I think that's something we can all get behind.

Professor Dr. Phillipe Brouqui (France) forgive me if I'm mispronouncing, gave us his analysis of the IHU experience in use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID disease. We were unfortunately deprived of the opportunity that many of us looked forward to, for Professor Didier Raoult (France, also of IHU) to share his time and insight. I remember personally how badly Dr. Raoult was defamed, slandered, harassed, de-legitimized by the press, and yet he persisted; one of the greatest virology scientists and immunologists in France, who unfortunately has been forced into retirement. He built an amazing institute, the IHU, and we did benefit from Phillipe Brouqui sharing with us the experience of the IHU in the use of hydroxychloroquine, and in particular, his courage in speaking about the limitations of evidence-based medicine and randomized clinical trials in the face of an outbreak, and their (IHU) willingness to make the same decision I had made and focus on early treatment with repurposed drugs.

And I think in retrospect, many of us will agree that was the wisest position taken, to focus on drug repurposing, not development of new vaccines and not seeking novel drugs. The IHU led the world in this, and had great success and also demonstrated that the vaccines have had no effect on the pandemic, unfortunately. But I think we all owe the institute. And Dr. Raoult, an enthusiastic thank you for their courage and fortitude in the face of all the obstacles and all of the derision that they've encountered for their guidance and leadership in pioneering the various treatments that revolved around use of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin in particular.

Dr. Pierre Kory (USA), my American colleague, stepped in then and spoke at length about Ivermectin, and gave us just a classic series of demonstrations about how the whole enterprise of the pharmaceutical industry and the academic publishing industry has been compromised throughout this COVIDcrisis in a way that we can now clearly see, particularly in the way they've mismanaged repurposed drugs and ivermectin in particular. And I certainly resonate with that. I have many examples with him of how the likes of the FDA have suppressed ivermectin very adequately. I saw what was going on during ACTIV-6 and I resigned.

Jason Christoff (Canada) gave us what I think was one of the most important speeches here, from my perspective. As we think about going forward, Jason gave us clear demonstrations of how the media and information warfare technology has been weaponized and deployed against us. And he concludes that crimes were committed and psychology and psychological technology (including “Nudge” technology) was weaponized against the public, and that this must never happen again. This is one of the things that I feel most strongly about, is that somehow we need legislation that makes it clear that deploying fifth generation warfare technology, PSYOPs, psywar technology on civilian populations is absolutely not acceptable.

And the bizarre thing is that the deploying of this technology has been justified on the basis that it's necessary to do this to preserve democracy. I argue the contrary is what's true, that this makes the concept of democracy obsolete. The idea of personal autonomy, of the ability of an individual to have personal sovereignty is completely negated in a world in which governments feel that it's acceptable to deploy modern PSYOPs technology on their own populations. It means that everything that we hold dear in terms of free speech and democracy and representation and the evolution of power down to the lowest level that it should be delegated to, which was a core principle upon which the European Union was founded, has been negated over the last three years. And we have seen that clearly. It's the theme that runs all the way through this meeting.

Dr. Harvey Risch (USA) gave us great examples about the problems with the manipulation of data on the efficacy of vaccines. Dr. Byron Bridle (Canada), who I think has just been a hero all the way through this, also spoke. I don't think there's a better case study that I'm aware of, of how somebody has spoken truth, acted with integrity and dignity, and just been harassed mercilessly by his academic institution and his government than the example of Dr. Bridle over the last three years. But Byron has stood his ground. I think he's developed some nervous ticks over the last three years, but I think he's just been an amazing hero in what he's done in revealing the Pfizer/Japanese common technical document and so many other things.

EP Member Francesca Donato (Italy) gave us a summary from the morning about the importance of truth, democracy, and freedom, which has been important to all of us since the beginning. I think those were excellent summary comments. And EP Member Mislav Kolakusic (Croatia), made the clear, unequivocal statement that physicians should define pandemics, not the World Health Organization. I think that's another thing we can all concur with. EP Member Christine Anderson (Germany) followed with an emphasis that the “official” EP COVID Committee reports are repeating. The COVID committee reports that have come out of this institution are repeating as accepted wisdom every single lie that we have encountered all the way through this outbreak. That report is really not valid. It is clearly biased.

I could go on and on about the excellent presentations from Dr. Guiseppe Tritto (Italy), Dr. Natalia Prego (Spain), Professor Giovanni Frajese (Italy), Emmanuelle Darles (France) , Alejandro Diaz Villalobos (Mexico), giving us the perspective on the pediatric consequences of the mismanagement from Mexico. Dr. Kirk Milhoan (USA), my good friend, making it abundantly clear about the cardiac pathology associated with the COVID “vaccines”, the unnecessary deployment of these “vaccines” in pediatric populations and the excess mortality and morbidity that has been associated with that. And Dr. Rosanna Chifari (Italy) spoke about the fetal effects of the “vaccines” and that spike activates microglia in the brain, as well as the CNS consequences of this. Dr. Arne Berkhartd (Germany) spoke about damage to heart and lungs observed in his series of 75 autopsies. So we now have clear autopsy data, and excellent presentations from our pathologists, including my friend Dr. Ryan Cole (USA), about the effects of the COVID “vaccines” on cancer.

We also had Vincent Pavan (France) speaking about the data concerning all-cause mortality in France. Supporting these observations were the all-cause mortality statistics of Dr. Theo Schetters (Netherlands) showing the correlation between the deployment of the vaccines and the waves of excess all-cause mortality in the elderly, which are perhaps the most clear and explicit demonstration of what is really a “re-challenge study” that I've ever seen. There should be no more doubt about the cause and effect relationship between mRNA vaccines and death. We have seen all of this noise about correlation does not prove causation. We've seen data from Theo and from Dr. Jessica Rose (Canada) and so many others that refute this thesis. And as Dr. Rose kindly points out, without screaming it to the roof, that the Bradford Hill criteria have been abundantly met here in demonstrating that this is a valid correlation.

I could go on and on about the legal consequences and breaches that have occurred throughout the European Union and the world, as documented by Children's Health Defense and many others. Many other attorneys, both in the United States, in Australia, and throughout the European Union, Switzerland, are finally reaching the point where they're holding officials and hopefully pharmaceutical companies accountable. And I think that we will all be able to synergize as this discovery process moves forward.

Then in conclusion we had what were frankly forward looking presentations, frankly from Drs. Meryl Nass (USA) and Katarina Lindley (Croatia), my good friends, an alert, the thing that you should take home, is that these new regulations, these International Health Regulation modifications that the WHO is trying to slip under the rug so that we don't pay attention to them, and unfortunately they've been promoted by the government that I'm a citizen of. And I can tell you that in my country, there is great consternation and disagreement about pushing these from this administration and our health and human services through the World Health Organization.

I concur that the risk is substantial for basically a surreptitious power grab by a group that is not elected, is not representative, and has shown (for instance) in the Monkeypox outbreak as well as with this outbreak to not be responsible custodians of world health and human health.

I thank you for your time. I hope this was helpful. And now we've got to get out of here before we get thrown out.

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