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Propaganda Exposed [UNCENSORED]

Ty & Charlene Bollinger discuss their new nine part docu-series

Docu-series “Propaganda Exposed [UNCENSORED]” Blows the Lid off Collusion, Corruption, and Conspiracy between Government, Tech & Pharma

By Ty & Charlene Bollinger
November 5, 2022

Throughout the course of human history, healers have been revered and even worshiped. From Hippocrates, “The Father of Modern Medicine,” in 400 B.C., to Anton van Leeuwenhoek, who first discovered blood cells in 1670, to Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin in 1928, physicians have still been hailed as pioneers and champions of healing.

Becoming a doctor is widely considered one of the most noble professions; the respect that a white lab coat and stethoscope can command is comparable to that of a cassock or war medal. It is one of the only professions in which its members demand that their title be used in everyday life. 

This praise and admiration is not without merit. Doctors save lives. The amount of cumulative knowledge that it takes to repair an artery, replace a joint, or arrive at a seemingly impossible diagnosis requires a lifetime of dedication that is hard to manufacture. Each generation of healers stands upon the shoulders of the last, and the human race has benefited tremendously. 

Furthermore, these healers have benefited greatly from breakthroughs in science and technology that have led to the creation and discovery of numerous drugs, therapies, and surgical interventions. These healing modalities have undoubtedly saved the lives of millions of Americans. 

After all, where would we be without penicillin or appendectomies? Even our ability to sterilize wounds and prevent infection has drastically increased the average lifespan. But not all treatments are created equal. For every breakthrough, lifesaving discovery, dozens more turn out to be harmful, ineffective, or even deadly.

The Truth About Modern Medicine

For nearly as long as modern medicine has existed, so have egregious ethical violations. When you hear the term “medical experimentation,” your mind may recall the horrendous experiments conducted in Nazi Germany on Jews, communists, homosexuals, and an assortment of other “undesirables” under the Third Reich. While these experiments were undoubtedly appalling, they were neither the first nor the last of their kind. 

In fact, the history of unethical experiments in the United States and abroad is long and harrowing. Children, soldiers, minorities, prisoners, and even entire cities have been forcibly or unknowingly subjected to dangerous, cruel, and often lethal experiments… all in the name of science. 

The doctors and scientists responsible for the development and administration of these drugs are both trained and constrained by the corrupt system that now controls them. Western medicine as we now know it exists in orbit around the pharmaceutical industry. Medical schools teach doctors how to match symptoms with prescriptions, hospitals negotiate with insurance companies based on the cost of drugs, and the race is ongoing to create the latest and greatest drug that will cure what ails ya. 

The healers of today are no longer the heroes of old. The healers of today are trained, funded, and accountable to the pharmaceutical industry. That corruption is largely enabled by a system of governmental oversight that is nothing more than an instrument used by the medical industrial complex to approve and sell their products while limiting their liability. 

Worse, these governmental puppets are now using the private tech and media industries to ensure that only the official narrative is put forth; those with dissenting opinions or contradicting data are silenced, censored, and calumniated. 

This was once considered to be a conspiracy theory. To insinuate that these institutions could be involved in a global conspiracy that has cost tens of millions of lives and undermined the very foundations of our democracy was tantamount to blasphemy. 

Until now…

The Emperor is Naked

Over the past few weeks, shocking evidence has emerged that demonstrates a rigorous effort by tech industry, medical corporations, media outlets, and government agencies to silence dissenting opinions, attack specific people and organizations, and control what information you can silence dissenting opinions, attack specific people and organizations, and control what information you can access.

On August 31, 2022, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry filed a lawsuit alleging that at least 45 federal officials across multiple agencies within the Biden administration colluded with Facebook and Twitter to adjust their algorithms to “censor freedom of speech” on a number of topics, including the COVID-19 pandemic (Google, LinkedIn, and others are also implicated in the petition).

The following is an excerpt from that document, which you can read in its entirety here:

Under the First Amendment, the federal Government should have no role in policing private speech or picking winners and losers in the marketplace of ideas. But that is what federal officials are doing, on a massive scale – a scale whose full scope and impact is yet to be determined.

Secretary Mayorkas of DHS commented that the federal Government’s efforts to police private speech on social media are occurring “across the federal enterprise.” It turns out that this statement is true, on a scale beyond what Plaintiffs could ever have anticipated. 

The limited discovery produced so far provides a tantalizing snapshot into a massive, sprawling federal “Censorship Enterprise,” which includes dozens of federal officials across at least eleven federal agencies and components identified so far, who communicate with social-media platforms about misinformation, disinformation, and the suppression of private speech on social media—all with the intent and effect of pressuring social-media platforms to censor and suppress private speech that federal officials disfavor. 

This shocking discovery was followed by a damning report published by The Intercept that sheds further light on just how far this conspiracy goes. In particular, the DHS sub-agency CISA, or the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, has been most active in efforts to combat “mis-, dis-, and mal- information,” or what it abbreviates as “MDM.” 

The report makes use of recently leaked or unsealed internal documents, giving a view into the kinds of conversations corporate executives and government officials have had over how to handle potentially harmful online narratives and sensitive topics.

In the March meeting, Laura Dehmlow, an FBI official, warned that the threat of subversive information on social media could undermine support for the U.S. government. Dehmlow, according to notes of the discussion attended by senior executives from Twitter and JPMorgan Chase, stressed that “we need a media infrastructure that is held accountable.”

It’s been treated as a crime against humanity to question any of the ‘COVID measures’ forced on all humanity by governments worldwide — especially COVID vaccination, which is itself a crime against humanity — and yet it’s dangerous to say as much.

But history has shown that these suspicions are not unfounded. In fact, there is an extensive and well-documented history of corruption and unethical practices by the same pharmaceutical companies and government agencies that we’re told to trust. 

Pfizer’s Criminal Track Record

In 2009, Pfizer (and its subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn Company) paid $2.3 BILLION to settle criminal and civil liabilities for illegal promotion of their pharmaceutical products. The amount included payment of more than $102 million in civil settlement to six whistleblowers of the company’s fraudulent practices.

Bextra, an anti-inflammatory drug that was withdrawn from the market in 2005 due to safety concerns, was marketed by the company for various off-label uses. The company also illegally promoted several other drugs, including antipsychotic drug Geodon, antibiotic Zyvox, and anti-epileptic drug Lyrica. Healthcare providers received payments for prescribing these drugs to patients for off-label use… literally bribing doctors to prescribe untested and unapproved drugs to patients.

False claims were submitted to government healthcare programs, allowing them to bypass the insurance programs. Pfizer had to pay approximately $1 BILLION to Medicare, Medicaid, and other government insurance programs under the settlement. 

And those are just a few examples. 

In 1993, anti-seizure drug gabapentin was widely prescribed for off-label uses such as treatment of pain and psychiatric conditions. Courts ruled that Pfizer utilized propaganda campaigns, paid for favorable research and coverage, and suppressed unfavorable research regarding the drug. Several regulatory bodies found the drug ineffective for the associated ailments, and Pfizer paid $430 million in one of the largest settlements to resolve criminal and civil health care liability charges.

A “whistleblower suit” was filed in 2005 against Wyeth, which was acquired by Pfizer in 2009, alleging that the company illegally marketed sirolimus (Rapamune) for off-label uses, targeted specific doctors and medical facilities to increase sales of Rapamune, tried to get transplant patients to change from their transplant drugs to Rapamune, and specifically targeted African-Americans. 

According to the whistleblowers, Wyeth also provided doctors and hospitals that prescribed the drug with kickbacks such as grants, donations, and other money. In 2013, the company pleaded guilty to criminal mis-branding violations under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. By August 2014, it had paid $491 million in civil and criminal penalties related to Rapamune.

In June 2010, health insurance network Blue Cross Blue Shield filed a lawsuit against Pfizer for allegedly illegally marketing drugs Bextra, Geodon, and Lyrica. Blue Cross alleged that Pfizer used kickbacks and wrongly persuaded doctors to prescribe the drugs. According to the lawsuit, Pfizer handed out ‘misleading’ materials on off-label uses, sent over 5,000 doctors on trips to the Caribbean or around the United States, and paid them $2,000 honoraria in return for listening to lectures about Bextra.

An internal marketing plan revealed that Pfizer intended to train physicians “to serve as public relations spokespeople.” The case was settled in 2014 for $325 million. Fearing that Pfizer was “too big to fail” (and that prosecuting the company would result in disruptions to Medicare and Medicaid), federal prosecutors instead charged a subsidiary of a subsidiary of a subsidiary of Pfizer, shielding them from virtually all financial responsibility.

In 2013, Pfizer agreed to a $964 million settlement for selling insulation laden with asbestos. 

That same year, Pfizer withdrew “between $400,000 and a million dollars” worth of ads from Harper’s Magazine following an unflattering article on their depression medication.

In 1994, Pfizer agreed to pay $10.75 million to settle claims by the United States Department of Justice that the company lied to get approval for defective heart valves that killed roughly 500 people.

In 1996, an outbreak of measles, cholera, and bacterial meningitis occurred in Nigeria. Pfizer representatives and personnel set up a clinical trial and administered an experimental antibiotic, trovafloxacin, to approximately 200 children. Local officials reported that more than fifty children (over 25%) died in the experiment, while many others developed mental and physical deformities.

Bribing Doctors

Sadly, this unethical (and often criminal) behavior extends beyond corporations to the very men and women we trust with our health and wellbeing. It’s important to mention that the overwhelming majority of doctors are kind, honest, hardworking folks who have a genuine desire to help their fellow man.

But many have been captured by the medical industrial complex.

Most doctors receive gifts from Big Pharma in one form or another. A 2018 survey published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that nearly three out of four doctors have financial ties to Big Pharma. The vast majority of these relationships were with representatives of prescription drug or medical device manufacturers. Gifts included drug samples, meals, and payment for consulting or advisory roles.

Since 2013, federal law has required that payments to doctors by medical device and pharmaceutical companies be publicly reported. The database (which you can access here) has published over 78 million records from 2015 to 2021, reflecting $63.23 billion in gifts and payments.

Dr. Aaron S. Kesselheim, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and lead author of the survey, says this may be influencing doctors’ behavior. According to the study, “Free samples are used as a marketing tool and have been linked to prescribing of high-cost, brand-name drugs over lower-cost generic alternatives.” He suggests that money paid for public speaking and consulting engagements may have an even more acute impact on doctor behavior. “Social scientists will tell you that any amount of money will influence people, but I think larger sums can influence behavior more,” Dr. Kesselheim said

We trust our physicians to make the best recommendations for our health, but the majority of these doctors are receiving gifts from Big Pharma that may influence the treatments they recommend. For example, an orthopedic surgeon in Manhattan received almost $2,000,000 from companies that manufacture hip and knee replacement products between 2015 and 2017. Not coincidentally, the surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Westrich, performs hundreds of hip and knee replacements each year. In 2017, this doctor received $870,573.39 in general payments from pharmaceutical and medical device companies, including $448,000 for “consulting fees”, $28,580 for non-educational speaking engagements, and over $23,000 in travel and lodging.

The Most Important Documentary of Our Lifetime

It’s time for the world to learn the truth, and that’s why Ty and Charlene Bollinger created their groundbreaking new docu-series: Propaganda Exposed [UNCENSORED] which seeks to uncover the lies of the mainstream media and medical industry and educate viewers on the truth about how we are slowly losing our freedoms, as well as what we can do to take them back. 

Propaganda Exposed [UNCENSORED] shares the story of Big Pharma corruption, conflicts of interest, and explains why current medical interventions are so heavily skewed toward patented drugs. The docu-series also covers the sordid history of medical experimentation in the USA in an attempt to help the viewer understand how we got here, why we are now losing our health freedom, what we can do about it, and so much more. 

Some notable experts featured in the 9-episode docu-series include Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Omar Hamada, Del Bigtree, Mike Adams, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Zach Vorhies, John Schneider, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Carrie Madej, Sayer Ji, Dr. Alan Keyes, Dr. Irvin Sahni, and many others. 

This docu-series will cover everything from cancer and cannabis to fluoride and the Federal Reserve. Most importantly, it will expose the TRUTH about COVID, vaccines, and the real-life conspiracies that are actively underway RIGHT NOW. 

Here’s a breakdown of all 9 episodes:

In total, over 60 doctors, scientists, health experts, and freedom fighters are featured in this eye-opening docu-series which will change lives, influence friends and family, and quite possibly “wake up” enough people to create a “tipping point” for truth and liberty.

“Throughout human history, those who tell inconvenient and uncomfortable truths have been ostracized, demonized, and attacked by those in power. What we have experienced in the past two years is no exception to that rule. I am not surprised that history is once again repeating itself. However, Ty and I feel that it is important to continue exposing these schemes meant to silence us all into submission.” 

—Charlene Bollinger. 

The global release of Propaganda Exposed [UNCENSORED] is November 9th and is free to the world. To reserve your spot, please visit this link.

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