Sitemap - 2023 - Who is Robert Malone

Indication, Labeling and Fraud

Sunday Strip: Fasten your Seatbelt!

Mission Creeps: Culture Warriors that Cry Wolf

Friday Funnies: WWE Wrestling

Dr. Jane Ruby, Opioids, Fraud and Indivior's Two Billion Dollar Fine

Consent and Information

Who are Drs. John Mascola, Barney Graham and Kizzmekia Corbett?

"Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men."

Sunday Strip: Try... not to be a C*@t,

Bad Jacketing: Accusations of "Controlled Opposition"

Government Assisted Suicide and Death

Friday Funnies: The Grinch

Why We Love the Nutcracker

Leading Biodefense Expert Says A Science "Cabal" Is Misdirecting America About A Wuhan Lab Accident: "It's like denial and deception."

Bullies, PsyWar and the COVIDcrisis

Why I am No Longer a Democrat

Homesteading: Our Start

Neil Oliver + Robert Malone, GB News. 16Dec23

Sunday Strip: 51 Little CIA Pigs

Oslo Lecture, Book Launch; "Lies My Government Told Me"

Well Being: Eggs

FDA Fails to Address DNA Adulteration Concerns

Friday Funnies: Trusted News and Poison Ivy

Cult of Personality and Social Media

What the Heck is Trantifa?

The Perversion of FISA and FISC

Dr. Mattias Desmet: Technocratic Totalitarianism

Sunday Strip: "And So This is Christmas:

Friday Funnies: Dumb and Dumber

How I Would Reform the FDA

The FBI Conducts Domestic Violent Extremism Investigations on TradCaths: House Report.

Testimony in UK Parliament: Show us the data!

Hold Fauci and Co-Conspirators Accountable For Murderous Coverup

Expert testimony on the Pandemic in the UK Parliament

Sunday Strip: Cacafornia here I come.

Friday Funnies: Never Forget

The Federal Government Paid Media Outlets To Promote The Covid Vaccine

Modified mRNA Vaccines for Livestock and Cattle

Limited Hangout: Robert Kadlec Forced to Cover for Fauci?

Dr. Kadlec Admits Covering Up the COVID-19 Origins.

Global News: “Le Grand Frère” European Syle

Christian Terhes MEP; Speaking Truth

Chinese "Surge" in Children with Respiratory Infections?

Sunday Strip: Death, Taxes, and Gun Control

Dr. Harvey Risch Exposes the Central Fallacy of Evidence-Based Medicine

Pfizer Sues Poland, Demanding Money for Undelivered and Unwanted COVID Vaccines.

Conflicts of Interest in Science: History of Influence, Scandal, and Denial

Dr Robert W. Malone: On Propaganda Stunts and Why No One Seems to Care about Non-Covid Excess Deaths

Friday Funnies: Cows are Dumb

Not 14M Lives Saved, But Over 17M Dead from the mRNA COVID vax

Homesteading: Raised Beds, Garlic and Aesthetics

Anarcho-Capitalism and Dr. Javier Milei

Pandemics as a Catalyst for a New World Order

Sunday Strip: Free Puppies

The Cult of Safety Explodes

Friday Funnies: Things are Looking Up.

Statement and Testimony, COVID-19 Vax Injuries

Reparation illogic:

"UK Files" Reports Show: Both Left and Right Can Be Targets of Censors

Homesteading: Form Follows Function

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Hearing on mRNA Shot Injuries with Special Witnesses

Sunday Strip: Persecution, Not Prosecution

Be a Lion, not a Victim.

DNA Integration Risk: Moderna knows, FDA denies

Friday Funnies: How Climate Change Ruined Venus

Senator Bob Hall, A Texas Legend

Deep State Censorship Exposed.

PsyWar and Washington DC's Bureaucracy

Homesteading: Finding a Home

How Many People Died in the US during 2020, 2021 and 2022 because of (="From") Covid?

Sunday Strip: The Cure is Worse Than the Disease

SARS-CoV-2 Variant HV.1; Obsolete Boosters

Friday Funnies - How Would You Like That Wrapped?

Spider webs in the Pfizer closet

A quarter of Americans Say Someone They Know Died from COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Did Liberalism Fail?

mod-mRNA "Vaccines", DNA Fragment Risks

"Psywar and Sovereignty" Video -

Vax Mandates and Employee Termination: Arbitrary and Capricious

Sunday Strip: Revolutionary Acts -

The White House is Controlled by the Medical-Industrial Complex

Friday Funnies: Halloween Edition

Well Being: "Brain Food" for Cognition

‘Adulterated’ Covid Vaccines Should Be Pulled From The Market: Experts

News - Immigration, War and the United Nations

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Missouri v. Biden

Chevron Deference and the Administrative State

What is woke?

What is Adulteration of pseudo-mRNA vaccines, and why should you care?

Sunday Strip: Homeward Bound

Wellbeing: Fragility and Shorter Lifespans

Friday Funnies: Drama, Drama, Drama -

The Shredded Social Contract -

Israeli DNA and Human Lab Rats

COVID-19 vaccines immediate onset Autoimmune Disease adverse events in VAERS

International COVID Summit 4

Homesteading and the "Whole Earth" Movement

Sunday Strip: Too Many Cooks -

Wellbeing: Lifestyle and Longevity

Friday Funnies - Friday the 13th.

Proper Role of USG- Servant or Master?

Tactics of Disinformation

Pharmacies Are Turning into Vaccination Clinics...

Follow the Money to Understand US COVID Mortality

Inferred Risks for mRNA and adenoviral vaccines and treatments

Autism and Immunization - A Strange Puzzle

Homesteading: Part 2

Healthcare is Turning Texas Blue

Sunday Strip: Das Boot.

Global News Round-up - The Green Hysteria

Why the President of the Club of Rome tried to stop the approval of my dissertation

How Big Pharma Blocks Accountability

Well Being: Victim, Warrior, or ?

Friday Funnies: When Push Comes to Shove -

Homesteading: Part One

Pseudouridine: What is it and Why Should you Care?

Anatomy Of A Protection Racket

Nobody is safe until everybody is safely vaccinated!

July 2021 CDC Knew the mRNA COVID Vax and Masks Were Not Working

The "Unity Project" Continues!

Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine: Factcheck

Production of the Pfizer BioNTech mRNA jabs

Coercing Doctors to Buy COVID Boosters

Sunday Strip- Are We at a Turning Point, USA?

Propaganda and The US Government:

Friday Funnies: Honest, Commander Doesn't Bite!

The Best kind of “ism” is Americanism

Fauci's Criminal Activity Continues to be Exposed and More News.

Study: With each Covid vaccination, healthcare workers get sicker – applying for progressively more leave and taking more analgesic medication after each dose

"'Disease X' is 20 Times more Fatal Than COVID-19"

Scott Gottlieb's Role in Creating a New Intelligence Office

Sunday Strip: The Truth Shall Set You Free-

How they program your mind…

Friday Funnies: Without Big Government...

Physician "Re-Education" in Canada

Myopericarditis and mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccines - FDA and CDC administrators lied, and people (particularly children) died.

Global News Round-Up: The EU Imposes Their Censorship on All of Us.

Promoting a Cult, for the "Good" of Society

Sunday Strip: Child's Play

Consequences of Government Weaponization

Do you feel manipulated?

The Government Censored Me and Other Scientists. We are Winning the Battle as We Head to the Supreme Court.

Friday Funnies: Wrong is Wrong.

The Struggle For Democracy

Libyan Disaster -

Lipid Nanoparticles and mRNA Shots

ACIP (CDC) Meeting on COVID-19 Vaccines Today at 10:00 AM with Web Link

FDA has Gone Rogue

The Select Committee on the CCP

Sunday Strip: Compliance or Resistance -

Freedom of Speech, Not Reach

Friday Funnies: Tastes Funny -

Do not comply

"Lipid Nanoparticles": A Regulatory Nightmare

Death Threats Made to Bobby Kennedy by Eli Lilly Revealed to New Zealander

The Counterculture Revolution is Already Here

Let's talk about Eris (EG5) and Boosters

COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Injuries and Government Compensation

Administrative Terrorism

Sunday Strip: Farting Cows and Climate Change

Amalfi: post "vacation" insights

Friday Funnies: Modern Life

The 'Pirola' Variant of SARS-CoV-2

Update: Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vax Patent Battles

Masks and obesity

Choosing Life

Are you Ready to Get Injected?

Sunday Strip: “Freedom of Speech, Not Reach”

USDA is not your friend

News of the Week: Another Episode

Friday Funnies: To Resist Takes Courage

A State of Exception

The Big Fear

Science And The Rise Of Totalitarianism

“Cancel Me Baby!”

Ambulance Call Volumes Contradict the COVID-19 Narrative

COVID-19: Eris or Pirola?

What Really Happened Inside the COVID-19 Vaccine Trials?

Cameron Hamilton, VA Candidate, House of Representatives

Sunday Strip: Extremists

My Publicized Debate With Mark Cuban Over Vaccinating Young, Healthy People Spurred By A Mention On Joe Rogan's Podcast

The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics

Family Statement on Missing Person Karen Kingston, August 18, 2023

Friday Funnies: Don't be an NPC

Update From the Maui Fires Frontlines

Thought Police

On Liberty and A Well-Regulated Militia

Two Princeton, MIT Scientists Say EPA Climate Regulations Based on a ‘Hoax

Vaccine Provider Incentive Program:

A Message from Gavyn to His Mom Karen Kingston

Episode 12: Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (Part 2)

Sunday Strip: The Sound of Silence

Hate Ecosystem and Fifth Gen Warfare (Part IV)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green on David Weiss

Friday Funnies: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Misleading Publishing And Chronic Self-Deception

Leading Economic Indicators

Anthony Fauci Defended NIH Culture Of Secrecy – The $325M Third-Party Royalty Complex. Now We Know More Details.

The La Cosa Nostra approach to free speech

"Demonic Nihilism":

Leprosy - Fearporn, Facts and Fiction

Episode 12: Dissident Scientists Dr. Jay B. And Dr. Robert Malone Engage In A Riveting Conversation (Part 1)

Sunday Strip: Seizing the Means of Communication...

Puppet Masters of the Pandemic. Part 2: What Did The CIA Do in Wuhan?"

Friday Funnies: Toast

Kadlec throws Fauci under the bus

"The Wuhan Cover Up" by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Puppet Masters of the Pandemic. Part 1: What Did The CIA Do in Wuhan?"

The Unwitting Coup: Was the Response to COVID Effectively a Coup by the Western Intelligence Community?

COVID-19 Vaccines and Informed Consent

The Politicization of the Administrative State:

Farce Upon Farce: The Aftermath of My Secret Service Request

COVID propaganda timeline, March-April 2020

Help Needed: Collecting Scientific References

A Conversation with Chat GPT re Population Control

Sunday Strip: Too Much Government

Social Media: the Good, Bad and Ugly -

Friday Funnies: Gird Your Loins

Congressional Hearing on UAPs Include Stunning Revelations.

The Greening of the Globe

Population Control and Official USG Policy

Killing of Medical Research Innovation

RF Kennedy Jr Accusations and Rebuttal

It's Evil to Fake Deaths to Panic People...

Sunday Strip: A Nation of Small Towns

News Below the Fold

Friday funnies: The New Liberal Creed -

Censorship, Polarization and Corruption is Destroying our Country.

COVID-19: Newly Published Research and CDC Data

Around the Farm - Emus, bush hogging, colts and kicks

"Green Colonialism" is real and must be stopped.

Cowboys and Aliens

Sunday Strip - If You See Something, Say Something

Population Control and the American Way of Life

Friday Funnies: Censorship for thee, but not for me...

Breaking News: Biden orders to active duty, members and units of the Selected Reserve

Failed Fledgings, Parasite Singles, Four NOs, Basement Dwellers, NEETS or Ninis.

Well being - The Importance of Collagen

Edward Snowden at Web3 Summit 2019

GCHQ, JTRIG, Five Eyes and COVIDcrisis PsyWar

Judge Doughty rules to deny Biden’s motion to stay the injunction:

Sunday Strip: "Nice Social Media Platform you got there"

Perspective, Values, and the COVIDcrisis

Friday Funnies - Non-Compliance Clouds the Issue:

News from the Frontlines - July 06, 2023

Missouri v. Biden Injunction

Ontological and Existential Shock

The UN’s Digital First Responders – or The UN’s Virtual Brownshirts?

A Declaration of Independence:

Macron Fiddled, While France Burned

Sunday Strip: Ready (or not)?


Affirmative Action in Medicine: Reflecting on the Recent Supreme Court Ruling

UK is weaponizing banking now

Friday Funnies: Promo code - "BigGuy"

German Scientists Find Evidence that EU Pfizer-BioNTech Batches Included Placebos

Lies, damn lies and limited hangouts

"You can't handle the truth"

Whales Die, While Officials, Media, and Environmentalists Lie

Serious adverse events from Pfizer's mRNA vaccine are not "rare"

They have gone too far...

Propaganda and Mind Control

Sunday Strip: Ideological Language -

A Nurses' POV on COVID and Healthcare

Friday Funnies: Rough Justice -

The World of School-Aged Furries:

News From the Back Page

Atrazine and the "Bent Science"

Ad Hominem, Ad Nauseum

Kennedy is right - Atrazine and Gender Fluidity

Sunday Strip: Animal Farm

Friday Funnies: What is Celibacy?

Unexpected joy

Peter Hotez's War Against Science

Life with Emus

Disruptors and Chaos Agents

Global News: BRICS Blasts the NWO

Sunday Strip: Bringing up Baby

Blaming Victims for Failures of Government

Friday Funnies: The Government makes a Bad Co-parent.

The price paid

What if your body produced its own antimicrobial?

New: Another Study Identifies High Rate of Severe Myocarditis Cases Post COVID Vax

National Digital ID System: It is Already Here

Sunday Strip: Ode to the Uniparty

Medical News Round-up

Friday Funnies: Because Chicago is So Safe

The New Inquisition of Scientism

Are Independent Nation-States Obsolete?

Poultry Tales

Woke, a Culture War Against Europe

Sunday Strip: "Green" Acres

Friday Funnies: A Dangerous High Tolerance for Lies

The War on Ivermectin

Parasites: The Administrative State and the WEF

A Conduit for Eco-Money Laundering and Crime

What Can The US Senate Teach Us about the Dangers of the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Sunday Strip: Just Trust Us.

Friday Funnies: "Feel Free to Insult Me"

Normalizing Sex as Entertainment

Cyborg Soldier 2050: Human/Machine Fusion

Russian Disinformation?

Warning! Soft Porn Images -"Art" at the European Parliament

Videos: The International Covid Summit III in the European Parliament, Brussels

Sunday Strip: Home Security

Love song

Friday Funnies: Securing the Homeland

More Crickets on the Menu, While "Vat Meat" Tanks

The American Sovereignty Declaration

Sunday Strip: The chopping block...

Wellbeing: Metabolic Health

Friday Funnies: The New Face of Marxism

ICS at the EU Parliament Summary:

Ten Rules to Live By

The Very Fabric of This Great Nation will be Torn in Ways That Can Not be Repaired

Lusitano Mare Tantra and Her Family: Part 2

Sunday Strip: Joke's on you

Friday Funnies: No Coming Back from That

Lusitano Mare Tantra CAL and How She Came to be.

New Face Mask Harms and COVID Vaccines Approved Without Any Clinical Trials

Blackrock Owns 15.1% of the Fox Corporation


Sunday Strip: The Modern World

International COVID Summit III: Join or Support!

Friday Funnies: Eating Bugs to Change the Weather

The Worst Atrocity in the History of the World has been Confirmed

Weed Killer and Autism (ASD) or ADHD?

Fifth Gen Warfare, Part 3

Sunday Strip: Getting out of Wokeland

“Rapid-onset Gender Dysphoria” (ROGD):

If Our Senior Leaders in the Military will not Fight Against Unlawful Mandates, Who Will?

Friday Funnies: Woke Science

RFK Jr. is Launching His Campaign in Boston Next Week.

Micro-Aggression and Cancel Culture

Around the farm

The World Economic Forum: Please Share

Sunday Strip: The Thin Line

News from the Front Lines

Mind Viruses and their Vectors

Friday Funnies: The True Nature of Government

"The No Asshole Rule"

Monkeypox and leaky vaccines

A Fourth Turning

Banana Republic

Fifth Generation Warfare, Part 2

The Harvest of Deception

Sunday Strip: Duck for Cover

Health News Round-up

RNA Vaccine Clinical Trials

Americans believe that "COVID-19: Virus Deaths vs. Vaccine Deaths" are almost the same

Friday Funnies: What’s the Truth?

Why Reparations are Wrong

Hi-Rez Morphs into Klaus

Functional neurological disorders after COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines

3,631 reports of miscarriages and fetal deaths in Europe

Sunday Strip: Hollywoke

My Testimony on Texas State Senate HHS Bills.

Covid-19: Pfizer vaccine suspected of killing 125 young Europeans, the overwhelming majority (were) healthy

Friday Funnies: Move on, Nothing to see here

Brain-computer Interface Systems

The UN's New Rules for Ruling the World

Top Universities: Tools of the WEF

Purveyors of Hate

Sunday Strip: Symbolic of His Struggle Against Reality

Information Wars - SARS-CoV-2 Origin

Friday Funnies: ESG in Action

News - All the World's a Stage for Soros

Antivax = Antisemitism?

Why Are the Chickens So Sick?


FDA: EUAS, COIs and more

Taking Back America

Sunday Strip: Money for Nothing

Who’s on First at the WHO

Withdraw U.S. from the WHO now!

Friday Funnies

Dr. Redfield's Bombshell Testimony

Sustainable Farming for Health

Friends Don't Use Friends as Bear Bait

Heaven on Earth? Worker's Paradise?

Regarding COVID-19 pseudo-mRNA vax and ADE

Sunday Strip: Look Over There!


Friday Funnies: Mad Scientists -

Are We Medicating Millions of ADHD Children without Scientific Justification?

Prepared Testimony - Pandemic Response


The Declaration of Helsinki

"Because a Pangolin Kissed a Turtle"

Sunday Strip: Drug Cartels

The Banality of Evil

Friday Funnies: Hope instead of Data

Global News: A Potpourri of Current Events

State Bills to Support or Oppose

Defending the Dream

The Institutional Pathology That Took Down James O’Keefe

Well Being: Berberine

Broadcasting travel kit (mini)

Sunday Strip: Let them drink Vinyl Chloride

Why Read "Turtles All the Way Down"?

Friday Funnies: You First!

WARNING: Florida Department of Health Alert

The First Mandatory Vaccination Campaign That Crippled America’s Pilots

The Honorable Andrew Bridgen MP


Weaponizing Advertising

Sunday Strip: Dark times

The Desire to Be God

Friday Funnies: Great Balls of Fire

Personal Sovereignty

Hate, Healing, and Headlines

Ending the USG COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Sunday Strip: It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

One Million Strong

PsyWars: Fifth Generation Warfare and Sovereignty

Friday Funnies: BS at any Angle

Third Dr. J. T. Walker/Pfizer-Project Veritas Video

The 2023 Cochrane Review on Physical Interventions Against Respiratory Viruses

Foals at the farm

Is the FDA “doubling down” on a failed strategy?


Sunday Strip: Godzilla meets bad egg

Secret Decoder, Pfizer Legal Document

Pfizer Responses to Veritas Expose

Friday Funnies: Dr. Walker Exposes Pfizer's Nefarious Research

Project Veritas has broken Pfizer's Gain-of-Function Research Program Wide Open.

New diagnosis codes for COVID-19 immunization status

Speaking for the Dead

“Rogan, Snoop and a March on Washington”

Sunday Strip: People who Pay Attention...

Well Being: Anti-Obesity Strategies and Memory

Friday Funnies: Oink, Oink.

Our Birthright: Freedom

Legislative Round-up

What Happens to Vaccine Clinical Trial Participants?

Sunday Strip- Another Day in Paradise

5th-Gen Warfare Terms and Tactics

Friday Funnies- 2024 looms large.


CNN and Paul Offit seek shelter in a Limited Hangout

mRNA Vaccines in Livestock and Companion Animals are here now.

How a CCP Operation Ensnared the US Government

Shedding Innocence

Sunday Strip - Post pandemic blues

Global News- Governments Vie for World Control

Friday Funnies - Yep, A Rap Video

Rumors of My Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

Victim or Truth Warrior during 2023?

Cardiac Arrest in Athletes

CDC Principles to Avoid Wrong-Speak

Sunday Strip: A New Year!