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Front Lines on the Fifth Generation Warfare

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Texas Senate Health Committee Interim Report on COVID-19

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CoronaVax safety in the Netherlands: Update 2

Well Being: Healthy Communities

The Bivalent Booster Disaster

Welcome to Fifth Gen (Information) Warfare

Controlled Opposition, Black Propaganda

Sunday Strip - To the Rebels of the World

No DATA for "safe and effective", but the Dec 8th - FDA News Release wants physicians to inject our babies with a 3rd dose...

Friday Funnies: Tweeting Towards Gomorrah

Today’s livestream at the Senate

Vax-injured Living Hell on Earth

Irreparable Vaccine-induced Harm

Transcribed Deposition of DR. ANTHONY FAUCI -

The “New” Medical Freedom

Natural Immunity, mRNA "boosters" and COVID

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Ethical Parameters for Human Enhancement?

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Global News: Stories that Mainstream Mostly Missed

Worldwide COVID-19 Religious Restrictions

Just the facts

Integrity Lost

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Sins of Information Warfare

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The Second Coming

Ulysses - Ancient Wisdom, Modern Times

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

Tragic: 14-Year Old Vaccine Myocarditis Victim

Global News: A Global Passport for Vaccines and Carbon Tracking

Be Prepared, Not Scared

Forum Conversation: Norman Fenton

The Dilemma of the Vaccinated

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One Sovereign Man's Overview of History

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Board-Certified Obstetrician cries "STOP" (Updated)

The Dilemma of the Unvaccinated

Physicals, Virtuals, Machines and Overlords

Transcommunism is coming.

Pfizer Appears to have Corrupted the Entire Western World

EU Vaccination Roadmap, 2018-2022

Board-Certified Obstetrician cries "STOP"

Sunday Strip: Amnesty

Propaganda Exposed [UNCENSORED]

Friday Funnies - Greta 2065

Stories from the Farm

Censorship and Defamation- Weapons of Control

An Inconvenient Opinion from Europe

Long history of China's CCP and Biowarfare

Update: CoronaVax safety in the Netherlands

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Minority Report: Pandemic Origins

Halloween Global News Round-up

Elon Musk Bought Twitter

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mRNA Vaccines and EUA

mRNA Vaccines: The CIA and National Defense

Journalism in Crisis: The War on Dissent

Well Being: Let There be Light

Fauci News You Can Use

An International Tribunal on the Origins of COVID-19

Sunday Strip: When Venn Diagrams go Wrong

Vaccine damaged in Australia

Homeschooling Options and State Exemptions for Childhood Vaccines

Friday Funnies: Fear Not

ACIP Votes to ADD COVID-19 Injections to the Childhood Schedule

Are you a Grasshopper or an Ant?

The ACIP Vote Today and What This Means

Well Being: Dangers of 5G


Musk's Dangerous Vision for Twitter

Sunday Strip: All Bob's Money

Friday Funnies - "Dance Monkey Dance"

Global News- Walk on the Wonky Side

Out of Africa during the COVIDcrisis

“The Boundary is Children”

Twitter is a Weapon, not a Business

The Calm COVID Truth of Dr. Joe Ladapo

Sunday Strip: YUP, YUP, YUP

Well Being: Disinformation Assault on Vitamin D

Ebola: This is Not "Over"

Friday (not so) Funnies

30,000 Americans Estimated Killed by COVID Medical Mismanagement by April 2020

Some notes on the tragicomic attempt to burn me at the stake.

Well Being: The #1 Killer in the USA, Ages 18-45

Critical EU-Pfizer Agreement Leaked

"We Own the Science and the World Should Know it"

Power and Strategy of False Narratives

Sunday Strip: The Clown Car

What If They Threw a Pandemic & Nobody Came?

Friday Funnies: That's Amore

US Constitution Article V Convention

COVID-19 News Round-up and Corruption in Science

Pandemics: The consistency of Giorgia Meloni

Robert Malone Responds to Trolls

FDA is using the COVID-19 Vaccines as a "Platform Technology" for mRNA Vaccine Trials.

Italian Election and COVID - Update

Defamation of Giorgia Meloni Refuted

Dr. Aseem Malhotra promoted Covid-19 vaccine on TV, now says stop

Who Will Defend Freedom Of Speech?

Sunday Strip - No guarantees

Why did I invent the mRNA vax tech?

Friday Funnies- Its Dilbert Day!

"Vostok 2022: the Military Convergence of Eurasia"

Suppress, Silence, Skew and Censor

POLITICO Pushes for WHO Power Grab

CASE DISMISSED: Victory For Parents And Their Children

Transgender Surgery- Common Sense and Decency are Needed

Outside of a Horse

More Fever Swamp

Sunday Strip

The future is now

Friday Funnies

MonkeyPox FearPorn Update

(Not so) "Safe and Effective"

Human Cyborgs are Just the Beginning.


Global News - New Leaders

Booster Nations

Sunday Strip: Just Obey

Washington’s Tennis Court Rules

Friday Funnies: Privacy Settings

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

The Continued Damages to our Children

The Annual Summer WEF Meeting

Well Being: Stoking Rage

Global News: Around the world in a brief read

Is Mattias Desmet an expert in Mass Formation or a Trojan Horse?

Sunday Strip: Get off My Lawn!

What An Article V Convention Might Mean

Friday Funnies:

Promoting Unlicensed Vaccines is Lawbreaking

Identifying Discrimination

Trends in COVID Anxiety

Well Being: Homeschooling

Well Being: Exercise

US Freedom Flyers Meeting with FAA Whistleblower

The Psychology of Totalitarianism

Caged animals are safe, but it is not much of a life

Sunday Strip -


Moderna sues BioNTech/Pfizer?

Friday Funnies

COVID-19 Vaccines and Informed Consent

Eating Bugs: Let's Dig into It!

Well Being: Cardiovascular Damage & Health

Fauci's out and Public Health Officials are Turning on Themselves

Sunday Strip:

CoronaVax safety in the Netherlands

Lawsuit filed: RW Malone vs. WP Company, LLC

Friday Funnies

Rochelle Walensky gets an intervention

More on Mandates -

"Cheney for President"

Administrative State: bad training -> bad decisions

Well Being: Ultra-processed Foods

Sounding the Alarm: Normalizing the Jab with Lies

Sunday Strip

A New Name for Monkeypox is Coming, Cardiovascular effects from the Vaccine, Polio Spread and More

Friday Funnies

Ivermectin: Why is the Administrative State willing to kill you?

Monkey Pox Vaccines

“If you control the food supply, you control everything,”

The Monday News Round-up

Sunday Strip: Overreaction

Groupthink: we are all victims

Paxlovid Escape Mutations?

Well Being: Organic Food

Friday Funnies: Baa, Baa, Baa

"Crony Capitalism, Big Pharma and Vaccines"

Data doesn't lie: mRNA-vaccines and correlation to all-cause mortality

The Monday News Round Up

Sunday Strip

California, here they go.

Friday Funnies - Another Whacked-out Week has Flown by!

Smoking Gun: USG, Free Speech, Big Tech

Shared Pain of Nl and US Farmers, Inflation, Woke Medical Curriculum

Rewriting history: Just another day in DC

Biowarfare and the Brave New World

Central Banks, Global Debt & COVID

The PANDA WHO Review

Sunday Strip

Monkeypox or Moneypox?

Friday Funnies

TrialSite News Truthbombs Pfizer and Moderna

Blinded by Science! (Science news update: 21 July 2022)

Send in the HHS clowns

News Round-up

Sunday Strip

July 16, 2022 - Is there a medical emergency?

Friday Funnies

Why is USG rewriting the history of the mRNA vaccines?

News and Notes -

Update regarding Omicron BA.5

Howling at the Moon

Systemic Harms to our Children

Sunday Strip

Ninja (Omicron BA.5) COVID Fearporn

Friday Funnies

IppocrateOrg: People helping each other

What to do with a Problem like HHS? (Pt. 2, treating the disease)

What to do with a Problem like HHS? (Pt. 1)

News Round-up

Letter to the U.K. Gov from 76 Doctors

Sunday Strip

Marxism: "You Will Own NOTHING and Be Happy"

Eulogy for a selfless Truth Warrior

Friday Funnies


The Invisible Power Controlling the US Government

Boiled Alive

Rogue Agencies and the COVID Truth Seekers

Testimony and Remarks, Pandemic Response

Sunday Strip

Immune Imprinting, Comirnaty and Omicron (part 2)

The TruthLion Cometh

Friday Funnies

Immune Imprinting, Comirnaty and Omicron (part 1)

Pfizer and Moderna Analysis Re-do

Medical Privacy and Sexual Identity

Most Journalists are Scientifically Unqualified

Sunday Strip

Rational Nosocomophobia ?

Friday Funnies

ARPA-H, Intelligence Community within NIH

Early COVID Treatment works – yet more examples

Origins and Trajectories of the COVID Phenomenon

Sunday Strip

Friday Funnies

Members of Congress Demand Answers

WEF Graduates in the USA - Elected June, 2022?

Science versus Scientism (part 2)

Science versus Scientism (Part 1)

Sunday Strip and the new Headwind.TV Interview

Legal Updates (USA)

Friday Funnies

Tyranny of the Modelers

Masking: More Harms than Good?

Monkey Pox Update

Sunday Strip

Plato and The Big Picture

Friday Funnies

Debt vs Autonomy

Defending Sovereignty: The Fight of our Lifetime

The Victory Garden.

More Evidence for Early Treatment

Sunday Strip

Monkey Pox

Friday Funnies

Government and WHO CORONA Lies

SARS-CoV2 Spike protein is a toxin

Child Sacrifice, WEF/WHO Power Grab

Action will delineate and define you

Sunday Strip

Overview Video of mRNA Vaccine Technology:

Friday Funnies

Global COVID Summit Declaration IV

My schizophrenic and chaotic life

Dismissing Reality

Sunday Strip

Preventable Deaths and D3.

Friday Funnies

Davos Man, his World Economic Forum, and his Servants

Exemption to Vaccination

COVID-19 Alternative Therapies and the Right to Choose Conference: Protecting the Vulnerable and Honoring the Fourth Estate

Sunday Strip

The way we were (part 2)

Friday Funnies

Political interference at Health and Human Services (NIH, CDC, FDA, ASPR)

WEF: A Trade Organization on Steroids

A white band to show support against political despotism and medical tyranny

Cancel, Woke, and Gender Dysphoria Culture; Seeking Shelter and Protection

The way we were.

Sunday Strip

The Biological Weapons Convention does not prohibit biological weapons.

Friday Funnies

Beware the Fact-Checkers

The Corruption of our Nation

The Vaccine Injury Compensation System for COVID has Failed

Populism vs. Davos Man during COVID

Techno-facism, Techno-feudalism, or Indentured Servitude?

Sunday Strip

Friday Funnies

Requiem for the Gray Lady (Part 2)

Requiem for the Gray Lady (Part 1)

Dr Tess Lawrie is a COVID hero with a powerful vision

People in the Eye of the Storm

Defeat the Mandates LA

Sunday Strip

The Battle for Health Freedom in Baton Rouge Continues

COVID Legislative News

Friday Funnies

RE: Malone v. The New York Times Company et al.

Regarding the recent NYT article concerning myself #1


Sunday Strip

Vive La France!

Friday Funnies...

Senator Ron Johnson is a Truth Warrior and COVID hero

Mendacious New York Times' warning about Censorship

When is mRNA not really mRNA?

The illusion of Evidence-based Medicine

Sunday Strip

Friday Funnies

Uncovering the Corona Narrative

Globalist COVID policies have caused a Worldwide Education Crisis

Health, Aging, and Hormonal Balance

Are You Better OFF financially?

"PR agents" or Journalists - Corruption Kills Science

Sunday Strip

Power is in Tearing Human Minds to Pieces

Remain Skeptical My Friend

Friday Funnies

Balancing fear: COVID-19 and Ukraine

The Great Pivot of Spring 2022, V. 2.0

The Federal Mask Mandates Need to End Now.

Safe and Effective?

How does it feel to be vindicated?

Sunday Strip

Friday Funnies

Ukraine Biolab Watchtower

The Lancet Paper Adverse Events are not Insignificant

All Along the Watchtower

Science News: Ivermectin Is Associated with Decreased Mortality as well as improved outcomes, more data on myocarditis after vaccination.

The Curtain Close on COVID

Sunday Strip

Advocacy Journalism is Propaganda

Friday Funnies

BUCK THE CDC! "Florida is the Land of the Free!"

On the Vaccine Frontlines

Get Prepared for 2022

Peer review example: “Effectiveness of the BNT162b2 vaccine among children”

Propaganda, Corporatism, and the Hidden Global Coup

Sunday Strip

Don't be Brain Dead

Did Justin Trudeau Just Destroy "Social Credit System" Logic?

Friday Funnies

Scientific Fraud and the CDC

Millennials and the Covid-19 Pandemic

We the people, demand to see the data!

Press Release: American Truckers are launching The People’s Convoy, a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement

Sunday News Round-up

Friday Funnies

Letter from a Coerced Mother

Mission creep

Views and News Today

The Great Reset: “Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics"

Sunday Strip

DHS: Mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) being caused by "Domestic Terrorists"

Friday Funnies

Open Letter to the Canadian Truckers.

On Censorship and Mortality

A Health Public Policy Nightmare

More Important Ivermectin Study Results

The Sunday Strip

Regarding the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database Data Dump

News and Views from around the Web

Friday Funnies

The US Public Health Response has been a Colossal Failure

The Truth about the Daily Mail Article Regarding Joe Rogan Podcasts with Dr. Malone and Dr. McCullough

The mass formation madness must stop.

Remember when everyone knew pro wrestling was fake and they finally admitted it and the fans didn't care and continued to watch anyway?

Sunday Funnies

Curated News that isn't Censored...

Legacy Media Disinformation.

News Stories of the Week

And Yet More Fragging

Ivermectin and More in the News

"Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm"

Integrity. Dignity. Community.

Press Release: On The Eve of Washington March, COVID Declaration

The News that Doesn't make it to "Mainstream"

News of the World

Behavioral control

A Review of the Science

Socrates, Thought Police, Ivermectin and Uttar Pradesh

Bushwhacked by Alex Berenson on Fox News

Friday Funnies

16,000 Physicians Agree

"How Bad is my Batch"

What's Happening: The News

Tidal Wave of Documents on Gain-of-Function and the Leak of the Virus

Project Veritas Documents Released

Mass Formation: Deployed on You After Over 200 Years of Study

Important Omicron/COVID Research

They are engaging in censorship and propaganda

Friday Night Fun-House

The Crumbling Narrative

Omicron Today: January 6th

Resiliency: Surviving in the age of censorship, propaganda and cancel culture

New Video w Dr. Mattias Desmet, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Peter McCullough - A Must Watch

Serve, Suffer and Sacrifice

What if the largest experiment on human beings in history is a failure?

A lie can be halfway round the world

I don't always lose half a million followers on twitter