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Homesteading: The Dog Days of Summer

The Dark Arts: Fear Nudging

Biden Drops Out, Endorses Harris

Sunday Strip: It Got High

The Great Enshittening

Illuminating Inconsistencies and Addressing Anomalies in the Trump Assassination Attempt

Friday Funnies: It's a Slippery Slope

The Keystone Cops and Clusterfuck Investigation

"Biodefense" and Health News Round-up

Trump shooting update: no second shooter in water tower

Trump assassination attempt: separating fact from fiction

Assassination and the Banality of Evil

The Shot Heard 'Round America

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A PsyWar Assassination Attempt

Big Brother is Watching You; So Where is the outrage?

Friday Funnies: Spaghetti Season

Homesteading 101: The Great Massacre of 2024


House Judiciary Report Shows I am Being Censored by the Largest Corporations in the World

Anatomy of Money and the State

Global News Round-up: Let them Eat Bugs

Sunday Strip: All Experts Agree!

Friday Funnies: Democratitis

Back in the USSR. Are We the Soviets Now?

Exceptionalism, Imperialism, and Morality

Soros, The Rolling Stone, and the Progressive Blob

H5N1 (Avian Influenza) Risk Assessment

The News is Coming in so Thick and Heavy,

COVID-19 vaccine negative effectiveness further discussed in major medical journals

Sunday Strip: Brain Dead

A Modicum of J6 Justice: Fischer v. United States

Chevron Deference Overturned by SCOTUS

Friday Funnies: Biden has fallen

G3P: Global Public-Private Partnerships and the United Nations

G3P: Global Public-Private Partnerships and the United Nations

RFK, Jr. Is Right: NATO Must Be Disbanded -

The UN: "We must all work to eradicate (hate speech) completely.

Sunday Strip: Anti-Fascist Blues

The Organization Changing Medical Practices in Italy

Friday Funnies: Red EYE

Episode 61: Psychological Warfare in Pharma Marketing ft: Robert Malone

Homesteading: Peacocks, Plants, and Horses!

Wellbeing: UNCONNECT

The Pentagon's "Anti-Vax" Psyops Campaign Against China

Sunday Strip: Happy Father's Day

Psychological Bioterrorism

Friday Funnies: WHO's deep concerns

Last Straw: NIAID Must Be Shut Down

WEF and the COVIDcrisis Totalitarianism

Center Right Surges in European Elections

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The Government's War on "Backyard" Farms

Friday Funnies: $ettled $cience

Our New Book: PsyWar and Psychological Bioterrorism

Interview of Ex-CDC Chief Dr. Robert Redfield

Wellness is a Gateway to Right-Wing "Fascism"?

Inflation Predicted to Rise Steeply

WHO International Health Regulations

Sunday Strip: The Winning Hand -

The Battle of Evermore

Friday Funnies: The Rule of Law

Tedros Must Face Reality

Homesteading: A Three Ring Circus

WHO "treaty" fails, Open Border and Immigration Up Next

Ukraine Biolab Watchtower

Sunday Strip: New Math and Realpolitik


Friday Funnies: Word Salad

Wrongdoing and Illegal Activity by Dr. Fauci’s Senior Scientific Advisor

My tribute to Robert Malone

WEF News: Klaus Schwab Resigning

"Gain of Function" and Influenza A Virus

Information or Psychological Bioterrorism

Sunday Strip: If I Only Had a Brain

H5N1: Truth Over Fearporn

Signal’s Katherine Maher Problem

Friday Funnies: Trigger Alert

Francis Collins' House Testimony Released

Germany's Dark Future

The WHO: We Won’t Get Fooled Again

New Policy on Risks of Dodgy Biology Research Misses the Mark (again)

Sunday Strip: The Mother's Day Edition

Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act

Friday Funnies: "God Bless Bucks Fizz"

Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Goes RICO

Update on COVID mRNA Vaccine Harms

The Machinery of Fascism Revisited

Life on the farm: Goose Stories

Sunday Strip: Where the Wild Things are

Time to End the Proposed WHO Treaty Now

Fascism, Globalism, and the “Medical-Industrial Complex”

Friday Funnies: Tent University

"Better to Die in Glory"

In Praise of Nationalism and the Diversity of Nations

Sunday Strip: Make Europe Great Again

Travels with Justine, Part 3

Suicidal Society

The Vast Pharmaceutical Conspiracy to Silence Online Dissent

Friday Funnies: Become Ungovernable

Travels with Justine, Part 2

let the sunshine into the NIH

Fake Physician Group Platformed Disgraced, Fake Physician Allison Neitzel on Their Fake Medical Journal Website

In Search of Chipoko…

Sunday Strip: Reptilian Overloads

No Go Zones

Friday Funnies: DON'T

Homesteading: A Journey of Self-Sufficiency

Its Personal

We Have Lost Faith in the Institution of the Presidency

Great Campaign Against the Great Reset

mRNA Pseudo-Vaccines: Current Research

It's Personal

Sunday Strip: "Not Friendly!"

Friday Funnies: For Your Own Good

Anti-Science? Scientific Reporting RE: Covid-19 mRNA vaccines

Emu's Embarrassing Moment

From Sea to Shining Sea, Federal Land Control?

EPA Threatens Locally Produced Beef

Sunday Strip: Spring is Here

Friday Funnies: Hot Roddin'

Solar Eclipse- A National Emergency and Food Shortages?

On-Line Narcissistic Self-Victimization

Criminal Complaint vs. SwissMedic/mRNA Vax

German Corona Policy Political Crisis

Sunday Strip: Easter 2024 -

FALLOUT: WHO Power Grab and Early Spring Planting

Friday Funnies: Free Rent!

RESOLVED: Stripe, Substack Demand Financial Details from Authors

Well Being: Eating clean, Drinking Clean.

Why the Department of Justice Wants to Take Down Apple

Sunday Strip: We're All Far Right Now.

Going on the Offensive Against Censorship

Friday Funnies: It's a Bloodbath

Human Development and Abortion.

Citizen Journalism as Disruptive Technology

Global News: The Wrap-up Smear & More Nazi Talk.

Stripe, Substack Demand Financial Details from Authors

Sunday Strip: Detour Ahead:

How Did American Capitalism Mutate Into American Corporatism?

Friday Funnies: Another Day in Paradise-

Synthetic Controversy

“They can have Rogan or Young. Not both”

Lahaina Updates and Maui's Battle to Stop an Unethical Biotech Experiment

The Answer to Population Control.

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy:

Sunday Strip: TSA Speed Dating

Is the Medical Establishment Sabotaging the Fight Against Chronic Infections?

Friday Funnies: When the Critters Come

Well Being: Microplastics

COVID-19 vaccines’ effectiveness and safety exaggerated in clinical trials & observational studies, academics find

The COVID Gene Jab. Inconvenient Truths.

Congressional News

Sunday Strip: What Universe Are We In?

US Warfighter and Force Readiness: Toxin Exposure and Jab Mandates

Friday Funnies: Sacred Cows

Well being - Cattle and Beef

Lara Logan outs Corporate Media-Government Collusion

Barbara Loe Fisher and Informed Consent

"Psychological and Cognitive Warfare on Citizens"

Sunday Strip: The Truth Will Prevail

Friday Funnies: You Are Here...

Why are Hispanics Mobilizing Around Trump?

News MSM Chose to Not Report


Delaying the Inevitable

Sunday Strip: Memory Test

The End of Democracy: "What I’m Describing is Military Rule"

Friday Funnies: Marked Unsafe

A Toast to Those Who Fight

Google has Usurped Democracy

Sunday Strip: Legends of the Fall

Ultra Vires ('Beyond the Powers')

Book Review- The Great Campaign: Against the Great Reset

Friday Funnies: “Diminished Faculties”

Transcript of the Tucker Putin Interview

International Crisis Summit-5 Agenda

The Strength of Evidence for a Lab Origin

Biden’s Persecution of Political Opponents

Sunday Strip: Decisions Will be Made -

Homesteading: Beginning with Chickens

Friday Funnies: Dem Light

Review and Commentary: "Strategies to reduce the risks of mRNA drug and vaccine toxicity"

Ivermectin Squares Off in a New War on Cancer

The UN's Annual $8 Billion Budget to Support Global Migration

International Crisis Summit

Sunday Strip: Take Our Border Back

China, Britain, and Cognitive Warfare

"The Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race"

Friday Funnies: Rebuilding Trust

Cognitive Warfare, Targeting your Subconscious

Global News: A "Seahorse Dad", Trudeau tanks, and France Joins the Resistance

Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA

Homesteading: Winter Dreaming

Sunday Strip: The Pac-man Cometh

The Smoking Gun

Javier Milei at the WEF- Attacking Socialism, Defending Monopolists?

Friday Funnies: Mobius Strip

Ask Why 429 Moms Died

Dodgy data: COVID vaccine clinical trials show counting window issues, exaggerating safety

The President of Argentina's Rallying Cry for Libertarianism

Disease X and Fear Mongering

Disease X and the Corrupt Lancet

Purity Spirals Incoming!

Davos Bacchanal Redux

Sunday Strip: The Tax Man

Troubling Truths Behind the Covid-19 Pandemic

New York Times journalist rage quits Substack over inability to censor everything he deems 'hate speech' and 'extremism'

Friday Funnies: I have questions.

FDA Commissioner Promotes Products Off Label, an Illegal Pharma Marketing Scheme Long Criticized by Democrats

Behind Enemy Lines Part 3- David Grusch, fate of the 2023 UAP Disclosure Act (UAPDA)

Behind Enemy Lines, Part 2- TALON THRESHER

Behind Enemy Lines (Part 1)

The Washington Post is collapsing, and only Donald Trump can save them

Dr. Anthony Fauci's Damning Testimony

NZ Fudged the Data on How the Kidneys Fare After the COVID Vaccines

Seeking Counsel from Subscribers

Sunday Strip: The Trojan Horse

Dr. Paul Offit MD, Vaccine Propagandist

Scientists at the Center of the ‘Lab Leak’ Controversy met with NIH, Fauci

And So It Begins …

Monetizing the COVID-19 Backlash—Big Vision, Palpable Demand, But Can They Pull it Off?

Friday Funnies: Democratic Philanthropathy

The Health Threat of an Open Border

Florida Surgeon General calls for a Complete Halt

Some New Year's Resolution Ideas

Well Being: Dietary Supplements

The Distortion of Science